Sep 27, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Gen Ed Transfer Certificate/Approved Gen Ed Requirements

The General Education Certificate will provide students with principles, knowledge, and skills required for careers requiring a general education foundation.  This certificate also provides the general education foundation required for New Mexico Associate and Bachelor programs, as well as essential skills valued by employers, including critical thinking, communication, personal and social responsibiltiy, information and digital literacy, and quantitative reasoning.

The State of New Mexico requires that students seeking an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science program complete a minimum of 31 credits from the following areas with an additional 9 credits from 3 of the areas, with not more than 1 extra course being in a specific area.

Area 1:  Communications:  6 Credits

Area 2:  Mathematics: 3-4 Credits

Area 3:  Laboratory Science: 4 Credits

Area 4:  Social/Behavioral Science: 3 Credits

Area 5:  Humanities: 3 Credits

Area 6:  Fine Arts: 3 Credits

Remaining:  9 Credits (3 courses from different areas)

Each program has designated specific general education requirements for students in the program.  Please consult your program requirements and advisor as you choose your general education courses.

The following courses are courses that meet general education requirements for A.A. and A.S. programs.  NOTE:  The State of New Mexico redefined General Education Courses in 2019.  Some courses that were formerly classified as General Education, no longer have that classification.  Should an older Gen Ed class not count in your program, please contact your advisor for possible substitution.

Students who complete the 31 credits required for transfer to a bachelor’s degree program will be eligible for the General Education Transfer Certificate.

SJC First Year Experience Requirement: 3 Credits

Area II: Mathematics: 3 Credits

Minimum 3 credits, maximum 6 credits.

Students should choose the Mathematics course for their program based upon the degree they plan to pursue at a four-year college or university, or the degree they plan to complete. 

For transfer programs, the mathematics sequence requires that the student either place directly into MATH-1220  or MATH-1240  OR complete MATH-1215  as a prerequisite.  Students who place at the MATH-1215  level will need to complete 4 additional credit hours of coursework.  MATH-1215   does NOT meet the mathematics general education requirement.

Area III: Laboratory Science: 4 Credits

(Appropriate to Transfer Major)

Students may choose courses from one or more disciplines.

Minimum 4 credits, maximum 7 credits.

Area IV: Social/Behavioral Science: 3 Credits

Minimum 3 credits, maximum 6 credits.

Area V: Humanities: 3 Credits

Minimum 3 credits, maximum 6 credits.

Area VI: Fine Arts: 3 Credits

Minimum 3 credits, maximum 6 credits.

Remaining Requirements: 9 Credits

For the 9 remaining credits, students must take courses from Areas I-VI. 

No more than 3 total courses may be counted in Area I and no more than 2 total courses may be counted in Area II-VI.